A year of books and beings

Last year, I decided to reduce consumption of online media and spend those time on books instead (Read: What happens when you read books instead of Facebook)

This year, Mark Zuckerberg seems to be doing the same thing and even started a book club called “A Year Of Books”. Hah! Now I would like to believe in the idiom ‘great minds think alike’ (Though I don’t really as fool seldom differ).
This news makes me quite happy as I have never openly share this secret hobby of mine or don’t know many who persistently talk about books. I’m beginning to think that all bookworms read secretly! Now it looks like the trend is reversing! Like Zuckerberg, I will also share some of the books that I read. I might have a new series “Reading…” on top of ‘books‘ tag.

Reading books instead of Facebook wasn’t really a resolution though. It was only a social experiment with no obligation.

This year, while I would continue spending more time immersing myself in worthy reading materials, I want to channel some of those private time to form stronger relationships by spending quality time with old and new friends.


p/s: I heard a lot of good things about Alain De Botton. He speaks of things that interest me e.g Pleasures and Sorrows of Work and The Art Of Travel. But he’s too heavy for light reading in between work. I shall move on to other books and go back to him maybe later…