A durian education

“You missed out on the durian”. 

“Nope, I didn’t miss out…I got a durian education!”

I don’t like to eat durian but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in it. This is what happened when I go to a durian stall with durians lovers. While they were busy eating, I was busy questioning and observing:

#1 – This friendly durian seller who was eager to be in the photo when I took my phone out. He also told me a lot of cool things about durians.

#2 – One of the things he taught me is how to identify the colour of the flesh from looking at it. The one on the left has yellow flesh, which taste better, whereas the one on the right has white. Can you see the difference in hue?

#3 – He can tell a bitter and a sweet durian by sniffing it. My nose was on the thorns and I was sniffing the dangerous fruit like a dog. But they smell the same to me 🙁 It goes like this:

“Tak ada bau pun!”

“Mana tak ada. Harum!”

Is there something wrong with my olfactory organs or are they super human durian sellers?

#4 – He told me to take a photo of his hands too. It’s so rough from handlings durians that he doesn’t feel pain holding the thorny fruits anymore. Aww.

#5- Next I shall learn how open a durian. It’s a dangerous pursuit! Yesterday, while getting durian with Mommy from a truck, I got poked. Now my right knee has red holes. It reminds me of a dice (?!).

#6 – If I enjoy durian, I’ll probably buy these for convenience. It’s RM 10 per packet.

#7 Fermented durian (!) and a scale. I must find out more about tempoyak.

#8 – Oh, the durian seller has a cat with a strand of pearl on its neck. We’re kinda matching. haha!

So that was my short but interesting durian education. Can’t wait to get to know more about durians!