2016 Chinese New Year in Photos

Oh, what a hectic but enjoyable lunar new year! I took charge of preparing lunch and dinner for my family so I cooked up a storm! We started early with a reunion lunch. Dinner was more opulent: Salted Egg Prawns, Hakka Abacus, Whole Herbal Chicken, Mixed Vegetables and Fish Maw Soup. I folded napkins into fan too and ended dinner with Koi Fish Jelly (Some recipes and tutorial in www.jewelpie.com).

Here are some photos and they are almost all of what we have. We’ve decided on really talking to and being with each other. There were a lot of cooking, playing mahjong, eating and snacking  together. We even watched a movie (The Reverant) – and were scared out of our wits on the first day of Chinese New Year. Not very auspicious we thought!

1. Chinese Longevity Knot 
Bought some decoration this year. My favourite is the longevity knot and stickers with the word ‘prosperity’ on it.

2. Buddha’s Delight
Learn to make the quintessential Chinese New Year vegetarian food: Buddha’s Delight (Lo Hon Zai).

3. Brother washing dishes (gasp!)
Too rare not to take a photo. Look at his cheeky grin!

4. Family photo
Love this photo of us!

5. Angpows from Mommy
So pretty huh? We were choosing our angpows (?!). Naturally I took the pink one.

Amanda’s idea. We took photo of each other’s outfit (?). Love my flouncy red skirt!

7. Simple reunion lunch
Hakka abacus, steam prawns with goji berries and fish maw soup.

8. Herbal chicken
This chicken is 1.5 kg. Never cooked such huge chicken before. Reminder: steam for at least 3 hours.

9. Reunion dinner
Oh, it was frantic. I wanted everything to be perfect. Started to prepare for dinner from 3 pm for our 7 pm reunion dinner, set the table and ambience before dolling myself up for dinner.

Everyone enjoyed themselves. It was worth the effort!