12 things I did in Hong Kong

The last trip to Hong Kong, though not very long ago, was very vague. That’s what normally happen when you do a lot of new thing in a short span of time. So I’m really glad this time I’m able to sit down and write about my short holiday. This is more of a gathering than sightseeing trip, which means we have a lot of horseplay, chilling and conversations behind these scenes:

1. Have pork guts fried fish balls and lobster balls at Wah Kee
I was too gutless to eat guts…

2. Pick your own seafood and have them cook at a hawker stalls
More here: Fresh seafood at Sam Shing Estate

3. Snack on smelly tofu at Mongkok

smelly tofu

4. Check out Temple Street & Ladies Market
It’s like Petaling Street and more. You can find things like fortune tellers and shop selling snake soup!


5. Play “chai wui” (drinking games)
We went to a bar at Wan Chai fro some drinks and food (pork skin, chicken wing tips and pizza were extremely delicious). Nancy taught us how to play some games like stacking up dices. So fun!

6. Take the MTR
This is lame; you probably have no choice but to go on one 😛


7. Witness the Umbrella Movement 
Whether you support the movement or not, it’s amazing to see the protest with your own eyes rather than just reading about it on the news. More here.
IMG_49112 IMG_4906

8. Buy local snacks from the supermarket
I love Hong Kong’s walnut paste dessert which is not common in Malaysia. So I decided to get some ready-made packets to bring home.



9. Drive around Hong Kong
We went around to enjoy the scenic view of Hong Kong in a wedding car. My favourite, apart from Kowloon, must the the coastal Repulse Bay area.


10. Witness hair combing ceremony
In Hong Kong, most people still have hair combing ceremony a day before the wedding. A lucky elderly will comb the hair of the bride/groom while saying auspicious things. Criteria of the lucky person: 1) Parents must still be alive 2) Have healthy children and 3) Enjoy a happy  marriage. A lot of other things are involved like the groom/bride must wear new undergarment; props like mirror, candles, joss stick must be prepared and serving ‘tong  yuen’. How interesting!


11. Join ‘zip san leung’ (fetch the bride) and tea ceremony
Games in Hong Kong differs from Malaysia. I think it’s a lot more meaningful and hilarious. The groom read a poem in Cantonese with funny lines like “I will give you all my wealth; even the last 20 dollars in my wallet”. zip san leung

12. Enjoy a beautiful wedding luncheon overlooking Hong Kong skyline
This must be the most enjoyable part of my trip: a wedding ceremony at Peninsula. It’s one of the most beautiful wedding I’ve attended and it’s not just aesthetic-wise. Nancy and Jeff threw an intimate wedding luncheon with friendly family members, lively bridesmaids and groomsmen and touching speeches which saw a few tears. We ate, danced and celebrated!wedding luncheon


As this is not the first time I’m here, this is just a fun list of random things I did. The last time I was there, I went to The Peak, Stanley Road and even tried the cultural “beat evil people” under the Goose Neck Bridge at Causeway Bay just for fun!

Next, I shall:

  1. Ride cable car at Lantau Island.
  2. Go to Ocean Park and/or Disneyland.
  3. Try all type of sweet desserts at a local shop.
  4. Visit Macau
  5. See my fortune at ‘Wong Tai Sin’ temple