10 things I did in Phuket

I’ve been at Phuket just six months ago but it was already a blur. This year, I shall endeavour to record every journey to a new place. How to make it possible? Be more productive by doing most of everything with my phone: take photos, put them together and blog. Here’s one!

1. Enjoy fireworks overlooking the Andaman Sea
Not only there were fireworks; hours before midnight, hundreds of lantern were let out and lit the dark sky. We feast, laugh and share our hopes for the new year. new year 7lanternnew year foodfeastnew year 4firenew year

2. Feast on Thai food 
My family is big on food. We cook and we eat out. This trip, we mostly have food cook fresh for us at the resort’s poolside restaurant. When eating out, a five-star hotel food is as ‘homemade’ as you can get. All ingredients are made from scratch and using real food e.g fried prawn cakes consisted of fresh prawns with herbs, not intermixed with cheaper ingredients like flour. We mostly had coal fire pizza, crabmeat omelette, tom yum goong, stir fry kailan and the incredibly yummy prawn pancakes.


3. Attend a cooking class and getting recipes from hotel chef
The tomyum here is amazingly good. The secret, I think is the prawn stock. So I thought I must learn to make it and I did. Oh, and this time I met Chef Anuwat who man the grill every evening. Now I’ve got a delicious pork neck grill recipe and the special sauce. My favourite Chef Aeiem also told me the recipe of prawn cakes. Sara is a happy girl!

4. Read till the sun goes down
Every evening, I’ll visit the lounge with a beautiful view of the Andaman Sea. There’s no better thing to do than to enjoy the view with a good book. (I’m reading a summary of the world history so I could have a deeper understanding of countries I visit)my favourite place

5. Swimming by the Andaman Sea
This year, I aim to be more discipline in my exercise routine and eat even better. On the first day of new year, I enjoyed a cup of green tea to warm my body before jumping into the chilly pool for a good swim. Did it the next day too and a lot more this year!  *determine*

6. Had spa and learned Thai Massage
Getting pampered on the first day of the new year makes me feel so spoilt ! But it’s okay for I’ve found out Nahm spa signature body scrub recipe and I’ll share it on JewelPie!’

The spa is situated at the top of the hotel and we climbed many flights of stairs to a cosy massage room with wooden interior and plushy cushions. There, I got polished and kneaded facing the sea. After the entire session, my face glowed and my body limp and relaxed. Ahh, what indulgence! :/

Though most people see massage as an unnecessary luxury, it’s something that I encourage my family to do once a month. They are working too much in front of the computer and I would like to have their muscle eased. Hyatt Regency Phuket offers a 45 minutes massage class for only BHT 1000 (about RM 100), so I went. Knowledge and skills are always worthy investment!


7. Visited Phuket City View Point
This place reminds me of Ampang Lookout Point. If you want to see a city view of Phuket, this is the place to go to. As I’m spoilt with beautiful view of the Andaman Sea at the resort, this place was not that appealing to me. Instead, the highlight of the trip is spotting monkeys doing things like eating leftover corn!

IMG_8969-2.JPG IMG_8970.JPG

8. Visit Patong
When traveling, I try to avoid touristy area like Patong. But we went anyway to check out what is possibly the most well-known area in Phuket. On the last trip, I visited Jung Ceylon Patong and, this time, the OTOP Shopping Paradise, where I managed to get pretty wide brimmed hat and a emerald green maxi dress.IMG_8936.JPG

9. Visit Old Town Phuket
This place looks a lot like Penang old town. You can get unique souvenirs, baba and nyonya clothing, batik and local snacks. I bought sourish tamarind snack for 20 baht (RM 2). It’s yum!phukettownphukettown2IMG_8948.JPGIMG_8939.JPG phuket town 3

10. Visit Naka Market
The Chatuchak of Phuket. We had charcoal toasted bread with margarine, condensed milk and cheap chocolate powder. So bad for you, but yummy.IMG_9105.JPG

This trip is meant to be relaxing not hectic. So we didn’t do much sightseeing. I think a must visit is the Kamala and Surin beach too. The next time I’m back, I want to visit James Bond Island, snorkel and maybe even ride elephants (if they are not exploited/tortured).