10 things about Nepal

For the past four years, I have visited many countires – Paris, Munich, Berlin, Bangkok, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai , London etc- for work and for holidays.


Unfortunately, it seems that this fast paced world leave me little time to record all my virgin trips. Now all that remains are heaps of private photos in Flickr and scattered memories. I’ve decided to at least write 10 amusing things everytime I visit a new place. It shall begin with Kathmandu, Nepal.

1. Heavy development
Kathmandu is developing heavily after 10 years of political standstill, possibly in the expense of the environment and health. At every corner, there will be widening of roads and construction of a new building. It makes the air horribly dusty and dirty. If you were to visit Nepal soon, please get a face mask.

2. Bumpy roads
Roads are very bad. Sitting in the car makes me feel like an upside down pendulum of an grandfather’s clock.


3. Cabs do not run on meter
And has no air-cond.

4. Sights worth seeing if many hours of car ride away
I’ve wanted to see Chitwan national park, Lumbini the birth place of Siddarta Gautama and Pokhara, apparently the most beautiful place in Nepal. I’ve checked on Google map that its 4 hours ride away but turned out to be longer due to the bad roads. So we plan to go back soon.


5. Nepali food are mostly Indian
I’ve enjoyed their Nepali set also known as Tali plate. It includes rice, dhal, acar, curry vegetables and yoghurt.

6. Well-dressed
Most Nepali, despite being poor, are well-dressed. Ladies especially clad bright coloured saree and punjabi suits. I’m so in love with their clothes!


7. Small houses
Houses build many centuries ago are so small you will have to bend to get in.

8. Animals everywhere
There are goats and cows everywhere. It’s funny and sad to a city girl like me to see goats chained like a pet dog.


9. Nepali looks like Chindian
It’s unique how some women has chinese slit eyes and Indian sharp nose and skin colour. They look so exotic. All in all, Nepali generally looks beautiful.

10. Their plate number is in sanskirt
or possibly their Nepalese writing? And this is one of the best taxi there is at the airport