Hello! I'm Sara Khong

I'm a professional cook, recipe developer, food stylist, food writer, cooking instructor, and author of four cookbooks

I also run a cooking school in Kuala Lumpur: New Malaysian Kitchen Cooking Class.



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"This was SO MUCH FUN! II found the virtual cooking class by Sara to be one of the best ways to learn Malaysian cooking from home - WAY BETTER than watching YouTube. Having Sara guide me through each step and explain all the details was so valuable and her expertise shines through as soon as you connect with her. She knows her stuff!"

- Trevor James, The Food Ranger, Canada-Malaysia

“I came for the 9 am class and was blown away. Cooking class was easy to follow and interactive. I explored Sara's edible garden, smelling all the fresh ingredients was almost as good as tasting the resulting lunch. I also learned the step-by-step for wrapping the "Nasi Lemak Bungkus" and it was extremely fun! Lastly, everyone can get a recipe book to take home as well!”
- Khen, Founder of LokalLocal, Malaysia


“Sara is truly a food enthusiastic, and devoted for Malaysian food and culture heritage preservation. We explored her lovely garden where have lots of plants and herbs she grew. I actually taste and smell each of them. During the cooking session Sara always guide me with kind reminders, answer all the questions I ask...I'd highly recommend this course to any food lover or anyone who wish to learn the heart of Malaysian foods."
-Chen Hsu, Taiwan


"We attended Sara’s Nasi Lemak and Fried Chicken class. From the moment we signed up, Sara was attentive and thorough in our planning via email, assuring we had proper cooking tools, could find ingredients or alternatives in our local stores, and had appropriate technology to join the meeting, even accommodating multiple time zones!"
-Julia Dittberner Neuman, Los Angeles